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How to Collaborate with Other Influencers

Collaborations, when done authentically, are a great way to grow your audience and make new connections. Read on for the top 3 things you should be doing when you are ready to collaborate with other influencers.


Kate Glasspool


December 15, 2020

How do you know it’s the right time to collaborate with other influencers? If you are finding that your content has become stagnant or your audience isn’t growing as much as it could be, it may be time to consider a collaboration. Collaborations, when done authentically, are a great way to grow your audience, make new connections, and generate some fresh content.   So, if you are ready to dive into collaborating with other influencers, keep these three points in mind. 

  1. Don’t lose your voice  

It is essential when you are doing a collaboration that your voice does not get lost. Don’t forget that your followers, follow you for a reason. You don’t want your followers to feel like the collaboration is inauthentic, or out of left field in relation to your other content. Here are the best ways to ensure your collaborations are authentic: 

  1. Research

Take some time to find people that you relate to or whose content you think would work well with yours. Follow them and get to know them/their audience, before you open up the dialogue for a collaboration.

  1. Survey your followers

Before you begin a collaboration, survey your followers to find out what they want to see more of.  Work this feedback into your collaboration for maximum results.

  1. Make your value/purpose known

Once you find an authentic collaboration, make your value/purpose known. What will this person get out of collaborating with you? Make sure they know what you can bring to the table and how it would be beneficial for them to collaborate with you. In addition, make sure it is clear what the purpose of the collaboration will be. Want to grow your audience? Work with a specific brand? Make it clear from the get go what you are looking to get out of it, so you are on the same page.

  1. Be open-minded

While it is important to not lose your voice, it is great to be open-minded to new ideas when it comes to collaborating. It’s not necessarily about making content you are familiar with, rather, how you can fit your voice into this new collaboration. Don’t be afraid to try something new, especially if you feel like your content has been stagnant. Have fun brainstorming and use this as an opportunity to create something great.

All in all, collaborating is a great way to develop your professional network and grow your audience. If you are feeling like you might be ready to do one, do your research and take time planning out content that will be relevant to all audiences. 

Do you have any more tips for successfully collaborating with other influencers? If so, we’d love to hear them in your comments below!

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