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We've you covered with inspiration and a fresh perspective from a new up and coming creator on brand partnerships, content creation, competition and more. We had the pleasure of chatting with Clout Jam user and micro-creator Miss Lyric who is creating beauty and music content across her Tiktok (13k) and Instagram (11k) channels. Here's what she had to say!


Samantha E. Cutler


July 7, 2021

We've got you covered with inspiration and a fresh perspective from a new up and coming creator on brand partnerships, content creation, competition and more. We had the pleasure of chatting with Clout Jam user and micro-creator Miss Lyric who is creating beauty and music content across her Tiktok (13k) and Instagram (11k) channels. Here's what she had to say!

1. What motivates you as an online creator?

I started making videos online because I wanted people to hear me sing. Before I started posting covers on YouTube in 2014, I would watch a YouTuber by the name of Dondria Nicole (a.k.a. Phattfattt). She did covers and I remember thinking "Wow! I want to do that."

So, I made my first video singing "Emotions" by Destiny's Child. My mom wouldn't let me post it until I turned 15, so I had to wait for another month. I didn't know anything about making videos. editing, or anything else. I just turned on my camera, added a title and uploaded the video. What motivates me now is what motivated me back then in a way. I love doing new things and coming up withnew fun ideas for videos and I learn something new about being a content creator every single day. I just love it and I love when people see what I've created or what new cover I am singing.

2. How has your experience been on tiktok and what do you like most about this platform?

My experience with TikTok has been fun so far. If I'm being honest, I think most Tiktokers would agree with me, I really have a love-hate relationship with TikTok in the sense that I can post a video that'll take me literally two seconds to make and it does extremely well as far as views and then I can take hours creating a video and it does really poorly. Or I can go a week without anyone seeing my videos. You just never know with TikTok. However, it is a really fun and entertaining platform to be on.

I enjoy making videos for TikTok. I post makeup videos there and there are so many talented makeup artists and creators overall on TikTok. I reached a million views on my page recently so my career has evolved so much because of Tiktok. I've made some friends on TikTok who are fellow creators and I think what I love the most about it is that the sky's the limit on TikTok. There's a massive opportunity to build an audience there which is really special.

3. What are your goals as a creator in the next year? And how do you plan to get there?

I'm taking one day at a time as a creator, but ideally I would love to collaborate with some more content creators and go out to LA because I have never been. I'm planning a trip there soon, so I will definitely be working when I get out there. I just want to continue to grow and get better and better at making content.

I also want to release more music in the near future because that is my number #1 passion in life.It has always been. I'm always trying to get better at everything and I am always trying to come up with new ideas for content. That's anothereason why I say TikTok has been a great platform for me because I'm inspired by so many other creators every day. Even though I taught myself how to do makeup, watching videos has definitely helped. I feel like If I just keep going and keep pushing, I will reach all of my goals in the next year.

4. Who do you look up to in the online space?

I watch so many different creators that it's hard to just name a few. But, as far as makeup goes, I watch some big creators on TikTok like Mikayla Nogueira, Sydney Morgan, Emma Farrell Makeup, Summer Stockwell, and the list goes on. I also have been starting to watch Nikkie Tutorials.

5. Are you a full time creator, and if not, how do you balance multiple roles while still creating content online?

I am a full time creator. Being a full time creator is fun, but there are some challenges that come with it. I'm always asking myself if I made the right decision to do this full time. Even though I love getting to do it every day and being blessed enough to do what I love, it's tough because as a creator, you always know that you can wake up tomorrow and not have a platform anymore. None of this is promised and beyond that, as a full time creator, there are so many things you have to keep up with. You're always trying to come up with new ideas and when you can't come up with new ideas or are uninspired for any reason, that's stressful. One thing that I have learned is that you really have to love it. You really have to have a passion or making content. It might seem like an easy job, but if you take it seriously and do the work, you realize how much effort has to go into everything especially if you are making multiple videos a day. As a content creator, you don't clock in or clock out.

Sometimes I work all day and all night. However, if you love it enough it won't feel like work.

6. What have been some of your biggest struggles in creating content or partnering with brands? What has worked for you?

When it comes to creating content, that's honestly the easiest part and the funnest part in my opinion. The biggest struggle with that is just coming up with new ideas.  I

t's the business part of everything that can be a struggle. Sometimes, I find myself comparing myself to other content creators that are in my niche and not in my niche. Being a content creator or influencer is a competitive industry. But, I don't let myself think about it because I don't want that to affect my creativity.

As far as partnering with brands, I've partnered with quite a few brands. You have to make sure that whatever brand you are partnering with fits your demographic and fits in with your style of content in some way. That always ends up turning out okay. But, the problem is that numbers matter so much because it is social media. I have found it hard to be paid what I feel like my content is worth. Some brands will try to take advantage because they only want to pay the influencers with the big numbers. It is getting better now though because brands are beginning to realize that micro influencers sometimes have better influence. I've had successful brand partnerships and communication is definitely key.    

7. What have you learned over the past year?

Over the past year, I've learned that I love making content and probably always will. I've accomplished more in the last year than I've probably ever accomplished in my career. I've been creating content for over 6 years and I learned that with time, patience, hard work , and prayer comes reward.

8. What would you say to anyone looking to start today?

I would say "go for it!" Try not to think about it too much and just start doing it and if you love it, you'll do it for a long time and you'll naturally want to work hard at it. You can be as big of a creator as any other creator you may look up to. It honestly only takes one video. For some, it takes longer to build an audience, but you just never know. So, it's better to start right now and make sure that whatever you decide to make content on, you love it 100% because people can see that and will be drawn to it.

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