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How to Plan the Perfect Instagram Holiday Giveaway

Ready or not, the holiday season is here! Savvy influencers know that holiday giveaways are the perfect chance to boost engagement and get new followers. Read on for 4 quick tips on how you, the influencer, can offer the best Instagram holiday giveaway possible for your followers.


Parker Sheil


December 15, 2020


Take the time to review your content from the past year, and dive into the Instagram analytics. Which topics attracted the most attention? Which conversations inspired the most engagement among your followers? As you know, followers won’t respond to something just because it’s free (ie: a random brand is offering a random gift). Find a way to integrate popular topics and products into your holiday giveaway, and you’ll hack the Instagram algorithm with organic engagement.

Pro Tip: Re-gifts are never cute - especially in giveaways. Recycling goodies from brands without their permission is NOT a sharp move, and could cost you a partnership. Stick with fresh presents for your fresh followers!


If you want your followers to follow through on a call to action (liking posts, tagging friends, writing comments), you need to inspire some urgency. Set a deadline to your Instagram holiday giveaway, and highlight that date each time you advertise the contest. You’ll want a timeline short enough to trigger action, but long enough that your followers have a chance to see the contest. Celebrity influencers can sell out products in mere minutes (like Kylie Jenner), but micro-influencers should allow a bit more time. One week is a good compromise because it hits each day of the week (giving everyone a chance to see the contest), but is short enough that followers can miss out if they don’t act now.

Rules of Engagement

One of the benefits of a holiday giveaway is building goodwill, but it’s no fun entering a competition you have no chance of winning. How do your followers enter the competition? Should they respond to one holiday giveaway post, or all of the holiday giveaway posts? Do they need to tag a friend, or just leave a comment? How about replying to other comments on your post, starting discussions in the community? Are winners limited to a certain geographic region? Be clear about the parameters, and keep your rulebook short and consistent across every post that advertises your holiday giveaway. Your followers deserve a fair shot of winning, and you want to hit those engagement targets!


When you pick the winner, celebrate! Film and post the Instagram announcement publicly, rather than sending a quiet direct message. You want your followers to know that someone actually won the contest, and simultaneously give them hope for winning a future contest. Thank your followers for participating, and encourage them to try again next time!

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