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How To Recharge After A Gloomy Day

Sometimes Self Care is the best medicine. If you're feeling tired, run-down, or a little sad, check out these self care ideas to help you recharge after a gloomy day.


Parker Sheil


December 15, 2020

This article discusses mental health in a very broad spectrum. If you or a loved one need support for mental health issues, please seek advice from a licensed medical professional. The Canadian Mental Health Association has a hotline (416) 646-5557. You can also use Layla to match with a Licensed Therapist in Toronto. 

Run-down, tired, and maybe a little sad, you’re just having a gloomy, uninspiring day. We’ve all been there. And though feeling sad might not seem fun, it is helpful. Sadness is a valid and useful emotion, signalling that we need to be treated differently (by both ourselves and others_. So pour yourself some tea, grab a soft sweater, light a candle, and settle in for some self-care. 

How To Rest and Recharge


Meditation is a powerful tool for calming the mind. If meditation doesn’t come naturally to you, try a guided meditation (we love Gabby Bernstein). Or, if meditation really just isn’t your thing, put your phone away, and try to concentrate on just one fun/creative activity at a time (like coloring, painting, or writing).

Gentle Movement

If the blues have left you hunched over, you might want to try some light movement. Yoga, stretching, a nice walk, or dancing around the house are all low-impact ways to get your body moving, and shake off those low-vibes you’ve been carrying around. 

Cozy Night In

Not that you need an excuse for an evening of self-care, but what better timing than as a gloomy day pick-me-up? Instead of seeing a night in as a waste of precious time, embrace the opportunity to clear your calendar, cozy up in some cashmere, brew an herbal tea, and grab a great book/movie/journal.

Phone A Friend

If you’re feeling down, phone a friend (or your mom, or your aunt). Chances are, a quality BFF chat will get you feeling warm, fuzzy (and laughing). And if not, friends are great listeners. If you want a stronger connection, set-up a video call. It’s amazing how facetime/skype/zoom can make you feel less alone. 

Rest Is Best

Ultimately, rest is best. If your body says it’s run-down, listen. Run an epsom salt bath, get your favorite movie going on Netflix, and best of all: settle down for an early night’s sleep. 

Plan Ahead

Take just a few minutes to get one step closer to a goal. You don’t need to erase or fix the whole day, but it’s easier to bounce back from a tough day if you’re consciously moving yourself forward. If there’s a task you can cross off your list in under 5 minutes, do it now! Or spend a few minutes organizing your to-do list, so tomorrow you can jump right in. It’s amazing how even 5 minutes of productivity can boost your mood.


If you’re home for the night, it could be the perfect time to tidy. Put on some comfy sweatpants, put on a great Spotify playlist (or Netflix rerun), and go through your house. Taking the time to take care of your space is a great way to practice gratitude, and see little things that make you happy.

Give Back

When you give to others, you give to yourself. If you’re feeling down, focus on bringing someone else up. Plan a giveaway for your followers, follow a fan, or treat a friend to coffee. The more creative your action, the better you’ll feel.

The Difference Between Sadness And Depression

There is a line between sometimes-sadness and depression. If you or a loved one is struggling with any kind of mental health issue, the Canadian Mental Health Association offers help and support both online and at (416) 646-5557.

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