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How To Unwind After A Stressful Day

What can you do to put a stressful day in the past? We've got you covered with some self care ideas - helping you release that pent-up adrenaline and stock up on endorphins.


Parker Sheil


July 7, 2021

This article discusses mental health in a very broad spectrum. If you or a loved one need support for mental health issues, please seek advice from a licensed medical professional. The Canadian Mental Health Association has a hotline (416) 646-5557. You can also use Layla to match with a Licensed Therapist in Toronto. 

The workweek has flown by and suddenly … your big deadline is here, your DM’s are exploding, your latest caption has three typos, you’re getting some VERY opinionated comments on a gluten-free muffin recipe, and you have an event tonight. Your business is in overdrive, and you’re Stressed. Out. What do you do?

Unfortunately, you can’t just decide to stop being stressed. Your blood is pumped full of adrenaline, and adrenaline is designed to make your body fight or fly. You have to do something to let that adrenaline out. And we’ve got some tips on how to lower cortisol levels: starting with letting some adrenaline out.

Does Social Media Make Us More Stressed Out?

Social media usually starts as a passion project, but it can quickly grow into a high-volume production. In an industry with limitless demand, it’s easy for content creators to find themselves feeling the effects of burnout. If you read our last mental health article, you know social media has a direct affect on mental health - and Influencers are particularly prone to anxiety. 

This is why it’s so important to check-in with yourself, and incorporate self-care rituals into your routine. Everybody gets stressed out sometimes, but if you know you’re particularly prone to stress/anxiety, you want to be extra-prepared. 

Pro-Tip: We love using music to alleviate stress. If you want to Click the titles below to listen to these gems on Youtube, 

How To Stop Being Stressed

Bye Bye Bye

There’s no point drowning in the details of a task that could be delegated. Delegate, chop, stop. If something stresses you out, and you can make it go away.. Get rid of it! 

Pro-Tip: If you can’t keep up with your workload, maybe it’s time to find an intern. University students are always looking to build their resumes, and what aspiring marketer wouldn’t want to work with a savvy social media influencer? 

Let’s Get Physical

Your body is pumped full of use it. Exercise is one of our favorite ways to exit the stress-cycle. Yoga, running, soul cycle - whatever works for you - it all comes with endorphins! A natural mood booster, endorphins are famous for both increasing happiness, and helping us manage stress.

A Little Help From My Friends

Sometimes, you just need to vent. If you’re bursting at the seams, call your mom or meet a friend for coffee. It’s easy to feel like you need to take on your problems alone, but your support system is there for just that reason. Sometimes, talking through the situation and getting some support from a loved one can be exactly the medicine you need. 

Ac-cent-tchu-ate the Positive

Stress can be draining and uncomfortable. But can you reverse engineer the issue? Sometimes, being busy is exciting! Deadlines mean your career is growing, and opinionated comments mean your content is registering. Chances are, the work issues you’re stressed about now are exactly the tasks you hoped and wished for months ago… so take a minute and see if you can reframe the situation into a positive moment.

Thank You, Next.

Once you’ve resolved and processed the stress, let it go. Out of office hours….mean you’re out of office. Get some friends together, laugh about your crazy work day, and celebrate. Take an hour (or, even better, a whole evening/day if you can), and tune out. Put your phone on silent, log-out of your work email, and let the notifications wait for a while. Just like a nap can help with your energy, a break from stressors can be exactly the recharge you need! 

The Line Between Stress And Anxiety

There’s a line between sometimes-stress and anxiety. If you or a loved one is struggling with any kind of mental health issue, the Canadian Mental Health Association offers help and support both online and at (416) 646-5557.

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