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How You Can Use Your #CloutForGood

A guide for influencers trying to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.


Samantha E. Cutler


July 7, 2021

We are watching the world around us change and trying to adapt best to make sure we are conscientious and sensitive in all our decisions moving forward. As a professional influencer, it’s been an interesting few days for me and the many online communities across social media as we now try to adapt and navigate the new reality - and responsibility - of influencing.

I became a content creator with the mission of helping others find happiness daily through wellness content from things like body image issues, stress, and anxiety to shopping the latest activewear collections, protein powders and natural skin care lines. It comes as no surprise that my content has shifted with the rise of COVID-19.

I’m not changing my content, but rather becoming much more aware of my communities' (and let’s just say it, my own) needs at this time. You may have entered the digital space with a similar mission, or you may have done so with your own purpose and intent. Whatever your online calling has been, it is clear that now, more than ever, we need to rise up as the digital leaders we are. We need to take this opportunity to unite, rather than distance and fall short of our core values.

You may be wondering how you can do that, and I can be honest in saying I do not have all the answers, but we do have a few ideas in mind for our online creator community that we wanted to take this opportunity to share. We believe miracles can happen, and those with the voice (that’s you!) are the catalyst.

1. Make a positive impact

Make sure your content is positive right now. Try to stray away from scaring people or sharing negative news. People are looking to find peace in their communities and those that are not bringing that to them will fall short of their needs right now.

2. Use your #CloutForGood

If you know a local charity or organization that would resonate with your community, share about it and how your audience can help. If you are not already a member of our platform, you can sign up for free today to gain access to our #cloutforgood charity opportunities here. If you can help 1 person stay healthy, find the resources they need or find peace in their pain, you are succeeding.

3. Focus on quality over quantity

Remember, right now is not a numbers game. Embrace all the positive comments you are receiving as people find a laugh, get involved or stay active thanks to you. It is not the time to focus on the amount of reach, follows, or likes, now is about that one person who’s health you have the ability to change.

4. Get creative with your content

It’s a great time to take risks with your content. Not only are many people trying their hardest to support one another on social media right now, but many of us also have a little extra time on our hands. Lead a live stream discussion or start a new distribution channel like podcasting or tiktok. Listen to what you intuition is telling you to do, and move towards that.

5. Collaborate with other influencers

Not only are so many people in the same boat as you, re-evaluating how they communicate to their audience but most people are also in social isolation. Because of this lack in human contact, many of us are looking to collaborate with other creators online right now. It helps us feel connected but also lets us explore new content, platforms and audiences.

6. Be real with your audience

In crisis mode nobody wants to see perfect. We are all living with a sense of fear and uncertainty, if you feel anxious share that. It makes you real and it makes you relatable.

7. Remind your audience they are not alone

Although most of North America faces a state of social isolation, now is the time to remind your audience they are not alone. Answer as many DMs as you can, get back to comments and make sure to connect and relate to others.

8. Turn off what doesn’t serve you

Not only is it your responsibility to turn off what doesn’t serve you, but you can also take the opportunity to encourage your audience to do the same. We have the ability to tune out what doesn’t make us feel good, it’s called unfollow. Now is the time we want to be aligned and uplifted by what we are consuming.

9. Remind your audience why they love you

You are not expected to be the local news channel. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel or speak as an expert on something you are not. Be you, provide value on what you know, uplift and lead.

10. Rise above fear and negativity

Although people are looking to connect, social media is still home to many who are lost, fearful and negative. They may try to bring you down as they see you rise, unable to understand how you can stay optimistic right now. Please continue to shine your positive energy and do not give in to hurtful words. I know they can sting, but remain focused on those you help everyday.

Finally, we as a company want to encourage everyone to stay home where possible, to limit social interactions, and continue to come together digitally. This is the time where we can rise up as leaders on social media through our content, charity involvement and actions. This is the moment where we can define who we choose to be in the next chapter.

Be safe and stay healthy,



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