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Instagram Engagement: 5 Easy Ways To Increase Activity On Your Next Post

You’ve got a great group of followers, but how many are actively checking in everyday, relying on your content? Likes, comments, follows, click-throughs and shares are interactions that matter. Instagram engagement metrics matter (to you and to brands), so read on for five quick tips to convert passive followers into active followers on your next instagram post.


Parker Sheil


December 15, 2020

1. #HashtagArt

Though it remains an active practice, hopefully your own days of #likeforlike and #followforfollow are long gone. That being said, hashtags can make your posts easier to find (when used correctly). And, the more specific a hashtag is (eg. #torontocoffeeculture vs #coffee), the more likely your post will attract likes, comments, and even new followers. That said, there probably aren’t 500 hashtags that are hyper relevant to your brand page or your post - so keep things specific. If you want hashtags to ultimately attract new followers, make sure they are really specific and clearly connected to your brand/image. 

Pro tip: To keep things clean and realistic, we recommend using no more than 10 hashtags per post.

2. Use Stories to Funnel Interest

Between Instagram’s algorithm and your followers’ short attention span, people are more likely to see your Instagram stories than posts. So, use your stories to funnel their interest back towards your profile. Since 2018, the Instagram algorithm has tried to ensure that newer posts are more likely to appear first on users’ home screens. This means that your passive followers (people who log-on to Instagram only once or twice a day) could be less likely to see your posts, since they might be checking Instagram hours or days after your last post. However, if you are an active story-er, your stories are likely to pop-up within a short time frame of that user’s log-in. When your stories shout out a *new post,* followers are more likely to click-through, see and interact with that post. 

Pro tip: This kind of self-promotion is a quadruple boost for your Instagram engagement metrics. Instagram will count the story impression, the click-through, the profile visit, and finally, any likes or comments. Score! 

3. Harness the Power of Polls

Posts are an investment (costing time, inventory, and sometimes cash), so make sure you are getting the best return possible. Instagram Insights will show you basic data on top posts, confirming popular topics and image layouts, but if you want more specific (ie: helpful) information, talk with your followers. Pick a day of the week your audience is particularly active, and ask open-ended questions. In an era where blogging entrepreneurs advise in so many different spaces, you may be surprised which areas your followers want to learn more about. And in the unlikely event that you don’t learn anything, followers are more likely to see your posts after interacting with your stories - making it easier for them to engage with future content.

4. Say Thank You!

Your business exists because of your followers… so say thank you! Throw a contest, giveaway some great loot, and celebrate with your community. Ask your followers to like posts, tag their friends, and comment each day - it’s all fair game. To maximize Instagram engagement in your next contest, set out clear guidelines on the kind of interactions you want from your followers. 

Pro tip: Use this as an opportunity to encourage your shyer, more passive users to actively hang out in your online community. 

5. Walk the Walk

You know that friend who always seems to talk at you, rather than with you? Don’t let your instagram account become that friend. If you want passive followers to engage on your posts, include them! Reply to a comment, give a shout out on stories, even follow-back a few of your followers. Social media is *social*, but conversations don’t fuel themselves. If you want more interactions from your audience, talk with them in the comment section!

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