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The market demand for video content has greatly increased while in quarantine- A.K.A. TikTok is thriving. Short & sweet videos have become the newly adopted trend of 2020 and it is here to stay. Instagram could not merely sit by and watch another social media platform take the reins, so they added a new feature called Reels- allowing users to create short videos. Our new article on The Inside Jam outlines the benefits of both platforms and their similarities and differences.


Amanda Routtenberg


July 7, 2021

The increasing amount of time that people have spent at home throughout 2020 has, to no surprise, resulted in a major surge in social media use. The amount of time per day spent on social media has nearly tripled since before the pandemic. More particularly, the market demand for video content to help act as a source of entertainment while self-isolating has greatly risen. A.K.A. Tik Tok is thriving. Becoming wildly popular as a new form of social media, a variety of new and similar platforms to TikTok have launched throughout the year such as Triller and Byte. Short but sweet videos have become the newly adopted trend of 2020 and it is here to stay.

Of course, Instagram could not merely sit by and watch another social media platform take the reins. Instagram added a new feature called Reels, which (yep, you guessed it!) enables users to create short videos. Reels is among the many features that Instagram offers its users such as stories and IGTV. You might be thinking, “how is Instagram even allowed to copy another platform?” Well, let us outline some differences for you.

  1. Reels is an additional feature on Instagram, while TikTok is a stand-alone platform
  2. TikTok has a more extensive array of filters, tools and effects to help edit videos than Reels does
  3. Reels has a maximum time limit of 15 seconds long, which is shorter than TikTok’s max.

In short, these two tools are similar in the sense that they are meant to be short entertaining videos that allow for an audio background and textual elements.

Reels is a positive new tool for influencer marketing. It will impact audiences who prefer short videos rather than pictures and it can allow for new types of campaigns like video ads. However, TikTok also just launched TikTok for Business, which is meant to help smaller companies grow through connecting them with influencers. There is clearly a direct form of competition in terms of influencer marketing and video technology between the two platforms.

Some benefits of using Reels right now is that its newness allows for little competition within the feature, therefore marketers will be able to stand out more in what they are advertising. It’s predicted that Reels will continue to add more editing tools within the feature as more users opt to use it. TikTok vs. Reels in terms of the influencer marketing space is definitely something to keep an eye on as both platforms and their competition continue to grow.

Helpful information to keep in mind when choosing between the two platforms is that the algorithm on Tik Tok allows for greater reach than that on Instagram, which is more controlled. Knowing this, Tik Tok is a great platform to foster growth, whereas Instagram reels is more suitable for creators who already have a large following on Instagram- definitely some tips to keep in mind!

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