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Why Corporations Should Work With Influencers

The One Man Show Every Corporate Organization Needs

They have an array of talents from cooking to teaching fitness classes. Some paint, some may even fly in private jets but they all write, style, shoot, edit, and sometimes become their own accountants, lawyers, and professional organizers. 

Meet the modern-day influencer. She who does it all. Almost sounds like an ad we saw in the 60s for the dishwashing soap that would finally let you embody the perfect housewife, and quite transparently, some of the content coming from influencers is not much different. But the truth is, influencers are turning into some of the most powerful one-man shows on the market and every corporate organization is reaching for their niche one.

The profession of being an influencer and everything that falls under this category in 2019 (think blogger, social media personality, athlete, budding singer/songwriter, model, poet and so many more) is looked down upon as a career for those who “don’t work”. A term simply not true, and those who meet or work with influencers come to see the reality of their business. Hurray for the small wins. Slowly less and less people are able to deny it, influencers not only hustle, but multitask and perform every one of the tasks any modern-day entrepreneur faces - if not more. From accounting, to photo editing, influencers are those gifted and dedicated enough to break away from the pack. They are those with a talent, a story or a style worth following, and those with the most success, gained their audience by simply being themselves. After all, people with the most influence rarely try to influence others. 

Now well into the second half of 2019, it’s undeniable, everyone is listening to someone on social media. Brands know - or at least are toying with - the importance of social media personalities and their impact on sales. Not only are sales flowing in from a few favourite bloggers posts, but most brand’s social media feeds run off of reposts and generated content from influencers. Yet, it’s common for the word influencer to cause a room full of corporate businesspeople to roll an eye. Still, neither party can deny it, they need each other. 

Brands need influencers, and influencers need brands. There is no possible way for one to successfully compete and thrive without the other in the current economic ecosystem. Does this mean a world where both suits, business and swim, can coexist without judgement? Probably not just yet, but each year we see a growth of understanding and collaboration and for us influencers, we know there is more to come, because world, our creativity is endless and probably the cheapest solution to market research your brand has ever found.

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