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Creator Marketing,
Without Compromise

Cloutdesk for Marketers is a revolutionary platform built to power the future of influencer - brand partnerships.

100% Cost Transparency
no Upfront Costs
No Spend Minimums
No Network Restrictions
Guaranteed Results
100% Cost Transparency
no Upfront Costs
No Spend Minimums
No Network Restrictions
Guaranteed Results

End-to-end infrastructure and tools for creator outreach, relationship management, content approval,  contracting, finance and more.

Supporting brand collaborations wherever creators host their communities.

Supporting brand collaborations wherever creators host their communities.

Supporting brand collaborations wherever creators host their communities.

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Frictionless creator partnerships, from first outreach to final invoice.


Organize and track the creators you want to partner with as easily as sharing a link.


Spin up completely customizable and compliant partnership agreements in seconds.

Contract Execution

Review, approve, and eSign collaboration contracts without leaving your tab.

Content Approval

View, greenlight, or request revisions to all influencer content from a single shareable link.


Automatically track content fulfillment and deliverable status in realtime.


Fast, flexible, and secure payments to any creator around the globe.


Flawlessly execute collaborations that will shape tomorrow’s culture.

Cloutdesk for Marketers keeps every role on your team aligned and coordinated so you can focus
on making an impact for your clients.


Activation & Ops

Activation & Ops

Give your influencer coordinators superpowers.
  • Monitor and manage your partnerships workflow, from creator outreach through content publication from a single dashboard.
  • Save your inbox and maintain your sanity automatically sending deadline reminders to creators when content is due.
  • Avoid confusion and ambiguity with integrated contract negotiation, content feedback, and approval processes.
Collaboration UI mockup



Simple, flexible, and transparent payments
  • Pay any creator, anywhere in the world in seconds via credit card, bank transfer and more, with >135 currencies supported globally.
  • Put your talent coordination at ease with real-time tracking and payment status updates across all their accounts.
  • Work faster by grouping invoice payments and consolidating repetitive tasks like vendor registration into to a single entity.
Payments UI mockup



Empower internal stakeholders, keep clients protected and relationships compliant
  • Streamline contract lifecycle management by bringing negotiations, approval, execution and storage to the cloud.
  • Customize terms on Cloutdesk’s Standard Contract or create unique contract templates for clients who require more bespoke language.
  • Set legal guardrails so your internal stakeholders can negotiate confidently - without risking exposure.
Contract UI mockup

Why should you have to choose between scale and authenticity?

Second-to-none cost transparency

Get 100% visibility into all costs for each and every creator partnership. No hidden fees or excess charges.

Contracting that is uniquely yours

Build custom partnerships agreements from over 100 terms to make each collab reflect the unique needs of your business.

Technology built for relationships

Strong partnerships develop from authentic person-to-person connection. With Cloutdesk, your creator relationships remain direct and proprietary.

Unrivalled workflow automations

Save hours of your manual work each day by eliminating tedious  reminders, creator follow-up, and other needless back and forth needed to get the job done.

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Built for marketers who value creators as more than a media channel.

Your job isn't just about getting more working dollars out of your influencer budget, it's about developing relationships that inspire your team, clients, and customers.  

It's time to deliver a partnership experience that is worthy of you brand's strongest ambassadors.

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Here are some questions people commonly ask about Cloutdesk. We will add more here as they come up. If you have a pressing question that is not addressed here, you can reach us at

What is Cloutdesk?
  • At Cloutdesk, we are building the infrastructure layer for creator marketing.

  • We launched in early 2021 as an application to help creators more effectively monetize and manage brand partnerships, Cloutdesk has since evolved into the first 100% transparent end-to-end technology stack for both creators and their marketing clients.

How does Cloutdesk make money?
  • For creators, Cloutdesk is free to use and always will be.

  • If choosing to pay via credit card, transactions are subject to an additional 3% fee to cover the cost of our processing provider (Stripe).

  • All fees, costs, and payments amounts are 100% transparent and available to each respective party in the transaction.

  • It’s really that simple.

Why are Cloutdesk’s fees so much lower than other influencer marketing solutions?
  • Taking more value out of a market than you return is never good business.

  • At Cloutdesk, we believe that creators, marketers, and other participants in the market will ultimately gravitate towards the network that offers the most overall economic benefit.

  • Our business model was designed extract the minimum value necessary for Cloutdesk to sustainably grow our services while maximizing “working budget” marketers can put to use for creator collaborations.

  • At the end of the day, this means means more revenue in the pockets of creators and better return on investment for marketers.

  • Incumbent influencer marketing solutions need to charge much higher fees (typically 25-50%) because they rely heavily on human-powered services, which are expensive - rather than technology.

How is Cloutdesk for Marketers (CDFM) better than Paypal?
  • Similar to Paypal, CDFM offers tools to pay creators that you collaborate with in many different currencies via credit card, debit, or bank transfer, but that’s where the similarities end.

  • With CDFM, there’s no need to register and onboard every creator you work into your vendor management system. Register Cloutdesk once and let us do the rest of the lifting.

  • Unlike Paypal, Cloutdesk automates invoice generation for all  creators that you work with, ensuring timeliness and accuracy of your payable records. It saves creators a lot of time, too!

  • Finally, with Cloutdesk creators keep 100% their earnings, so you will never have to negotiate for who is paying what fee.

How does Cloutdesk make life easier for marketers?
  • Our platform enables agency teams to execute creator partnerships 3x faster and avoid countless hours of back-and-forth, manual data-entry, and repetitive task. Individual agency team members using Cloutdesk have reported saving on avg. 2.5 hours each day.

  • Jumping back and forth between multiple tools trying to ensure you have the latest information isn’t how you should be spending your time. With all of your creator relationships consolidated to a single dashboard, CDFM helps keep your team organized and on track 24/7/365.

  • We know how important close collaboration and expectation-setting are to strong creative partnerships. Whether it’s content direction, campaign objectives, compensation, compliance, or deadlines, CDFM helps you ensure creator alignment from the start.

Why are contracts important to successful creator-brand partnerships?

Like all business relationships, brand partnerships require contracts to set mutual expectations for work and compensation. They also eliminate ambiguity about who is responsible for what and provide both parties with a single source of truth for the partnership.

Is Cloutdesk a legal service?

No, Cloutdesk (officially Clout Technologies Inc.) is not a legal service. All content presented within the platform is for informational purposes only. Nothing should be construed as legal advice. You can address and legal-related questions, feedback, or concerns to

Can I use Cloutdesk if I compensate creators with non-cash incentives like gifts and experiences?

Yes. Even if your collaboration is incentivized exclusively with non-cash compensation, we strongly recommend formalizing partnership with terms, guidelines, and specific deliverables.

Many creator brand relationships have been disrupted by misunderstandings that could have easily been avoided by setting mutual expectations. Cloutdesk was built to help avoid these circumstances and facilitate smoother and more efficient collaborations.

Who built Cloutdesk and why?

Cloutdesk was built by an experienced team of creators, former freelancers, and digital advertising technologists. We are driven by five motives:

  1. Fascination with the intersection of art, community, technology, and commerce.

  2. Desire to help friends, loved ones, and the millions of other creators who struggle daily to keep their businesses afloat.

  3. Frustration with the inefficiencies and the maximally-extractive nature of incumbent influencer marketing solutions.

  4. Passion for re-distributing marketing dollars (ie wealth( from the major platforms to individual creators and solo-prenuers leaders.

  5. Distaste for bad advertising and wasted marketing spend.

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